Install TOR browser

Install TOR browser

Almost all darknet markets host their sites on the Tor network, so having this browser on your device is a prerequisite if you want to get into any dark market.

In this article, we have prepared instructions for installing Tor on all popular platforms (Windows, IOS, Linux, Android).

What is Tor browser?

Tor browser is a web browser that anonymizes your transmitted traffic using the Tor network, making it easy to protect your identity on the Internet from tracking.

Tor was developed by Paul Siverson, Michael G. Reid, and David Goldschlag at the US Naval Research Laboratory in the 1990s. The alpha version of Tor, was developed by Roger Dinglidin and Nick Matthewson. It was launched on September 20, 2002. Further development was carried out under the financial roof of the Fund (EFF).

Tor project Inc. is a nonprofit organization that currently supports Tor. The United States government mainly finances it, and additional assistance is provided by the Swedish government and various sponsors.

Install Tor browser

You can download Tor from the official site You will find the installation file for each operating system on it. Next, we will try to deal with the installation for each OS.


In order to install Tor on your device running Windows, you need to go to and download the installation file.

We go through the standard installation procedure for Windows, after which Tor browser will be completely ready for use on your PC.

As you can see, installing Tor is almost no different from installing a regular browser, even an entry-level user can handle it.


There is currently no official version of Tor for iOS. The developers have not yet begun its release for this mobile platform. However, even now, owners of Apple devices can engage in safe web surfing. After all, there are several worthy alternatives, one of which we will now consider.

The app we will look at is called Onion Browser.

  • Download the application through the App Store. Enter “Onion Browser” in the search menu. The application is free.

  • After that, the network will load. This process may take some time, so take your time and wait for the download to finish.

  • Upon completion, Onion Browser will inform you of the connection to Tor.

After that, you can use the program as a regular browser, but at the same time being on the Tor network.


Installing Tor on Linux is similar to the one we did with Windows, but except that you have to work with the command line (terminal).

So, go to and download the Tor installation file for OS Linux.

Next, follow the steps below to get the result:

  • Open the terminal.
  • Go to the Downloads directory. This way: Write the command “cd Downloads” in the terminal and press “Enter” (if you downloaded the installation file to another directory, then go not to “Download” but to the folder where your file is located).
  • Extract the contents of the installation file. Enter the command “tar -xvJf tor-browser-linux64-7.5.6_language.tar.xz” (substitute the language of the selected version of Tor instead of the word “language”).
  • Open the Tor browser directory. Type cd tor-browser_language (substitute the language of the selected version of Tor for the word “language”)
  • Run the Tor installation. Type “./start-tor-browser.desktop” and press “Enter.” Wait for the Tor installer to open.

If you did everything as shown in our instructions, then the Tor browser should appear on your desktop.


To use Tor on Android, you just need to install the free App from Google Play.

Go to Google Play from the device on which you are going to use Tor and enter the name of the application “Tor browser” in the search. Install the App and log in. Click the “Connect” button to start the Tor network.

Done! Now your Android device is ready to work with onion sites.

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