Hydra url

hydra url

Hydra is a darknet market operating in Russia, which has been operating since 2015 to nowadays. During its existence, Hydra Market has earned huge popularity among the Russian audience, and has no analogues in its country.

A well-organized team of developers and moderators is working on the site, as a result of which buyers have no problems with the purchase of goods.

Also, thanks to a strong development team, the Hydra site is not a subject of ddos ​​attacks and for 5 years has had only one link leading to the market.

Below is a list of current Hydra urls:


Attention! Hydra is located on the “onion” network. For using these links you need to install Tor browser.

Market report

If you compare Hydra with foreign counterparts, then there is a big gap in the level of development of these resources. Russian developers really tried to create their own market. 5 years of continuous work speak for themselves. Not one other market has worked as much as the Hydra Market.

The market has developed its own delivery system. This type of delivery implies that the seller will hide the goods on the streets of your city, and when you pay for the purchase, the seller will send you a photo and description with the location of the order. This type of delivery is safer than mail, in addition, you can instantly go to the place of delivery and receive your order.

The administrators of the Hydra website announced that they are developing an analogue of their market, which will work worldwide. They listed an impressive list of tools to be applied to the new market. In February 2020, Hydra opened an ICO where it invited investors to invest in their project.

The timing of the launch of the new market from Hydra is not known, but when this happens, there will be practically nothing for its competitors to oppose the new development.

Product list

Hydra Market sells a large number of prohibited items. Also on its showcase there are exclusive offers that are difficult to get anywhere.

Market showcase includes:

Drugs (15000+), Cash out bitcoin (200+), VPN & Hosting (1000+), Digital Products (3500+), Documents (1200+) Bank cards & SIM (730+), Counterfeit money (900+).

hydra Products

Before you buy anything, look at the seller’s reviews you want to make a purchase from. If the seller has 90% positive feedback, then you can safely make an order.


In order to protect your account from hacking, Hydra has a simple but effective tool for secure authorization. The tool is called “google authenticator”. Unlike PGP, google’s 2-fa will be clear even to a beginner.


If you live in Russia, then Hydra can be a great place where you can easily purchase illegal goods via the Internet. For 5 years of operation, the market has never been accused of deceiving users, which means that the site can safely trust your money.


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