Liverpool British Dark Web Dealer Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison For Selling Meth

Greedy Banker – British Dark Web Dealer From Liverpool Sentenced to...

Behind the doors of an ordinary Liverpool house, a major anti-drug operation has unfolded in the Dark Web.

Police ransacked a Cairns Street home in Toxteth after a £ 120000 crystal meth was intercepted and passed to the area.

More than half a million pounds of methamphetamine was discovered along with bulk shipments of other Class A and Class B drugs at the home of banking technology expert Anthony Reed and his partner Zadia Salami.

Greedy Reed admitted to earning up to £ 60000 in his banking work, and an investigation into his computer revealed incriminating data detailing thousands of pounds of drug orders sent to customers across the country, including Scotland.

The 38-year-old man participated in numerous transactions every day.

Andrew Ford, the prosecutor, told the Liverpool Crown Court: “He used the Internet, in particular the dark web, to trade Class A and Class B drugs.”

They were paid in cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and there were two email addresses that could be used for trading in foreign currency.

His supply chain made it possible to conduct a wide and nationwide trade in these substances. He stood in the center of the import.

Drug trafficking supplies, including heat sealing and labeling machines, drug storage bags, and bulk solids, including Epsom salts and acetone, were also found at this major drug distribution center.

About three and a half kilograms of crystalline methamphetamine was found, mostly in a safe.

March 22, 2019 – the day of the raid when Reid’s partner, Salami, mother of two his children, admitted knowing the code for the safe.

As well as using Salami’s home for parcel delivery, Reid also used the homes of two previous girlfriends for such deliveries.

Liverpool Crown Court heard on Friday that a raid on the modest Cairns Street Terraced House followed the seizure of about 120,000 pounds of crystalline methamphetamine by border guards at the Parcelforce Center in Coventry.

The parcel was addressed to Anthony Stephen in Warbrec Moore, where Reed’s ex-long-time girlfriend, the mother of his two sons, lived, and she told how he often asked her to accept the delivery of the parcels.

According to Mr. Ford, during the two-year conspiracy, other parcels intended for the raid were intercepted, including a consignment of benzocaine and crystalline methamphetamine.

The investigation revealed that the drugs were delivered to Cairn Street on various occasions prior to the raid and were signed by this couple.

Drugs found during the raid included a kilogram of ecstasy tablets, 7,500 pounds of flowering cannabis heads, two and a half kilograms of MDMA powder, cocaine and ketamine.

At Reed’s Audi near the house, police found a parcel addressed to Reed’s other former partner, with whom he has a 13-year-old son.

The label was from a parcel successfully delivered to her home in the city center, and five other parcels containing benzocaine were previously intercepted.

Both of his other friends, whose homes were used for drug delivery, were acquitted by the jury in conspiracy to supply drugs.

Reed confessed to two conspiracy crimes to smuggle Class A drugs and two conspiracy crimes to supply Class A and Class B drugs.

Salami, 30, pleaded not guilty, but was convicted after trial for conspiring to deliver Class A and Class B drugs.

Mr Ford said the raid was a conspiracy organizer, and the jury was sure she was involved he managed the distribution of goods once in jurisdiction.

After imprisoning Reed for 12 years, Judge Brian Cummings, CC, said: “You are an intelligent and capable person, and you decided to devote these qualities to crime.”

You used the salami house as the center of the Operation, storing drugs there and using the facilities to prepare and distribute the drug trade of various weights and values ​​for various clients.

You used the Dark Web and cryptocurrency as an untraceable way to manage the financial side of the business.

Lloyd Morgan, defending himself, said that Reed, who has a criminal record for participating in the distribution of crack and heroin and the production of cannabis, was ashamed and repented, especially because of the collateral damage caused to other people.

Defense attorney Melanie Simpson stated that Salami did not intervene in this case until her former partner died.

She was very vulnerable after she became pregnant with Reed’s child, and he moved full time in March last year, and she suffered from domestic violence at his hands.

She suffered and is suffering from severe depression, and this was an element of coercion and exploitation.

She has no previous convictions, and she is the only one who cares about her children.

Imprisoned by Salami for three and a half years, Judge Cummings said that although he admitted that she was vulnerable, she had to accept her responsibility.

He added: I saw little evidence of this in your court. You allowed the drug dealer to make drug transactions in your and your son’s house.

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