Former Yahoo Employee Sentenced to 71 months For Trying to Acquire Chemical Weapons Through Dark web

Former Yahoo Employee Sentenced to 71 months For Trying to Acquire...

A former child actor and Yahoo employee was sentenced to six years in federal prison last week for attempting to acquire chemical weapons through the Dark Web as a result of the failure of a conspiracy to kill his estranged wife.

The 42-year-old Sanford Bemi Faison was sentenced to 71 months, along with a five-year probationary period at the federal level, and received orders to pay small fines and fees. In January, Faison was charged with trying to acquire a chemical that could lead to the death of a person who simply touched him. He wrote in online messages that his plan was for his wife to contact him somewhere, and that killing her was the only way to get full custody of her child.

US District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam sentenced Fayson on August 26.

Prosecutors edited the name of the chemical Faison tried to acquire, describing it only as a colorless, volatile, flammable, and highly toxic liquid that is easily absorbed through the skin and can cause life-threatening systemic effects with just one drop. Faison was caught because federal authorities saw his mail on the Dark Web, where he searched for a chemical, according to court records.

In a sentencing note, prosecutors called Faison’s actions intentional, detached, and almost analytical. According to prosecutors, the motive was a contentious divorce.

He took precautionary and deliberate steps to avoid legal liability for his crime, including conducting transactions on the anonymous part of the Internet, using a pseudonym, encrypted messaging, cryptocurrencies, disconnecting or an innocent third party to obtain initial ownership of the alleged chemical substance, as well as the discarded address, wrote Assistant US Attorney Philip Kearney in a note asking Gilliam to set a 71-month deadline.

According to court records, Faison grew up in New York, the son of parents who were actively involved in the Black National Theater. He was a children’s actor, appeared in live performances and starred in two television roles. He appeared in separate episodes of the Ghostwriter, a mysterious show for children, as well as the Cosby show, where he portrayed the very nervous guy Rudy Huxtable.

In 2007, Faison moved to California after Yahoo offered him a job. He also worked as a youth mentor. His lawyer’s sentence note contained dozens of letters of support from friends and family. Letters filed publicly contain names and photographs of Faison’s estranged wife and children, but this news organization does not name them because of policies that protect the identities of victims of domestic violence.

What can I say at 75? I would like to spend as much time as possible with my main man and his family while I am in good shape. If any of his contributions to the merits of mankind indicates mercy and conversion in order to return him to his loving mind and ways, please have this time when he can earn money, wrote Sanford Faison, Eddie W., in one letter. Faison.

On another occasion, Sanford Faison’s sister, Desiree Bredemus, begged Gilliam not to throw a book at him.

A prison is not the best place for a brilliant mind that once felt cornered when everyone and everyone is approaching it, Bredemus wrote. Sometimes we tend to treat animals more humane than people. If we were talking about a dog, we would understand if, being in similar conditions (being cornered with everything and everyone approaching her), she would pounce or break.

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