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Empire Market is the largest darknet market in the world at the moment, which has no analogues. The market is considered reliable among sellers and buyers. That’s because the administration of Empire Market site pays attention to details.

Empire Market site has been operating for more than 3 years, which is a lot of time in order to stay afloat in its field.

While many markets were closing for one reason or another, Empire Market was developing and giving its users new opportunities.

Below is a list of current Empire Market urls:


Attention! Empire Market is located on the “onion” network. For using these links you need to install Tor browser.

Market report

Empire Market is a large platform selling prohibited goods on the Internet. The site’s interface was borrowed from the now-closed AlphaBay market, whose users praised the market for its clear design. Due to the similarity of the interface, the old AlphaBay Market users quickly like the new market.

Conducting its popularity, Empire Market has become a target for competitors who are struggling to lure users of the popular market to themselves.

The competition has reached such a level that Empire servers began to undergo regular ddos ​​attacks. This led to the fact that market users began to experience difficulties when trying to enter the site. The developers worked hard to solve this problem for a long time, and in April 2020, they were able to find a solution.

At the time of this writing, the market perfectly coping with the attacks of competitors, which allows you to enter the site without any difficulties.

Product list

Empire has the largest inventory of darknet markets. The list includes more than 50,000 offers from trusted sellers.

Market showcase includes:

Fraud (4000+), Drugs & Chemicals (30000+), Guides & Tutorials (3000+), Counterfeit Items (2000+), Digital Products (6000+), Jewels & Gold (700+), Carded Items (300+), Services (400+), Other Listings (300+), Software & Malware (600+), Security & Hosting.

Empire Market link

Before you buy anything, look at the seller’s reviews you want to make a purchase from. If the seller has 90% positive feedback, then you can safely make an order.


Market is, of course, concerned about providing its users with maximum security, as the government is constantly trying to reveal the identities of market participants in order to hold them accountable.

In order to prevent this from happening, the PGP encryption system works on the market, which does not allow unauthorized people to read your messages, even if they intercept traffic.


The account security level can be seen on the main page, under the “FEATURED LISTINGS” block. The green bar indicates how vulnerable the account is. If it is insufficiently protected (below 90%), some methods will be proposed to increase it.

We have received information that Empire Market is attacked by hackers who, using a brute, pick up weak passwords and steal users’ money. In order to protect yourself from theft of cryptocurrency, use the tips below.

How to achieve security high level:

  1. Set a complex password
  2. Configure PGP to send encrypted messages
  3. Enable 2-FA
  4. Do not share personal information with other users
  5. Do not follow links from dubious sources


Empire is one of the few darknet markets that has been working honestly with its customers for a long time. If you are a beginner and are afraid to trust funds to little-known markets, then you can safely switch to Empire Market. As for this market, we can confidently say that it is reliable and safe!

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  1. Managed to deposit 4 amounts yesterday successfully made two purchases but the orders are both “processing” and haven’t been accepted. this maybe because of the drop in price for goats and sellers wanting to wait for btc to stabilise, or it could be the early signs of an exit scam…

  2. Verified my links and has been 3 days since order marked shipped and nothings arrived when it usually arrives the next day.

  3. Had no issues with Empire market site, made 4 deposits yesterday and today and placed one order which has been shipped

  4. This markets accessibility is a complete mess!!! It is near impossible to get to the Empire site. Been like this for months now…

  5. First time using empire. Made two deposits yesterday within one hour. Accidentally used the same address. I’m used to being able to do that and now I realize it generates a new address every deposit. I filed a support ticket instantly and now waiting for a reply. Does anybody know of anyone ever recovering their funds after doing this?

  6. 3 orders worked a couple of months ago. I wanted to order again yesterday, used the same link as always and the account got locked / hacked. I could recover and change the password. The Order was marked as shipped and then canceled (by the vendor, not by the hacker) and the money was removed from the account, transferred to another btc address that I don’t know.

  7. Empire market links hasnt got seized or is exit scamming. Just some links are showing blank pages. Got to a link which is actually working so try the mainlink to find one or just try some out! Empire is working perfectly fine so calm the fuck down.

  8. I had no issue retrieving my btc this morning, got it straight away with no fuss. Its a shame however that they have constant issues with logging in and unfortunately quite a few scammers on there.

  9. i can not get on for few days now. i am a vendor and this is shit. costing me a lot of customers. i think i will need to do business old school again.

  10. To all these people saying EMPIRE MARKET steeling money etc, i made a deposite which worked fine a few weeks back and then made 3 orders which came within 6 days.

  11. When i click the links it looks like its loading and the little orange crown logo appears in the tab but the page just stay blank, never had this happen before any suggestions?

  12. wondering if anyone knows what happened to “justice4all”? they’re not on emp anywhere and not answering messages?

  13. So is this market up and running or not? it’s hard to connect to for sure but then I can browse when I finally do. If anyone knows a functioning market do share the wealth

  14. Made two deposits 20 hours ago and neither have appeared in my Empire Market account. Has anyone else had long delays in deposits?
    I’ve used Empire Market quite a few times and never had any issues with deposits, worried it’s a scam, but am hopeful others have had delays in deposits

  15. ordered from 22 jan untill 02 feb 5 different orders all arrived but 1 not and i got refund after dispute.

    The site is mostly down go to on tor and then to the empire part paste like 5 previous mirror links and see wich one works for you.

  16. idk what yall talking about. darknetmarketlink is good dont use their mirror tho i deposited over 600 and it was good ordered and the order was sent

  17. I have the impression that there is no market for us anymore. there is no some market We can trust without fear. all major markets are closed and down or exit scam. first we lost The Wall Street market. Then the dream market. After the silkroad. Before few days the appolon market. Now the elite market. Also the empire market he has serious connection problems and it is impossible for someone to do his job. and fear is now over our heads all the time. And the remaining small markets are for drugs only and we can no longer place an order without fear or confidence that this order will be completed successfully.

  18. 9 in the morning, m9 in the morning, managed to get it and order. Now it’s up to the suppliersanaged to get it and order. Now it’s up to the suppliers


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