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empire market reddit

Still trying to find the current Empire Market url using Reddit? Do not do this; your funds may be in danger.

Nowadays Empire Market is the largest darknet market. Due to its popularity, Empire attracted the attention of a large number of scammers who create phishing links to steal funds from user accounts.

Search queries such as: empire market reddit, empire market link reddit, empire market url reddit and similar queries linking Empire Market with reddit are gaining great popularity. That’s because users tend to trust an already familiar social network rather than to extraneous sites. But such gullibility can play against themselves!

Empire Market link reddit

Attackers noticed a growing demand for these requests, and set about creating malicious posts on the Reddit site, the purpose of such posts was to redirect readers to a phishing site.

Hackers have been besieging Empire Market users with phishing for a long time. They are very creative when it comes to advertising fake links.

Until recently, the Reddit social network was a place you could actually find original market links. But as soon as the attackers noticed this trend, they immediately began to insert malicious links into their posts. Moreover, they are very successful in promoting their posts to the top according to key requests. This leads to the fact that when a user enters the query “Empire Market”, phishing posts will appear in the first positions.

Obviously, that someone creates a large number of identical posts, and winds up comments on them. The organizers want to ensure that posts with real links are mixed with garbage posts, as a result of which real posts lose their value. Due to the aggressive wrapping of comments, they put some posts in the first place of the search, which allows you to collect even more conversions.

As you can see, the posts don’t have any semantic meaning. Only a fake link is inserted, and then there is a cheat of the same meaningless comments that are repeated over and over again.

Apparently, Reddit has very weak ranking filters. Otherwise, such primitive cheating comments would not have a chance to exist, and the posts went to the ban before getting to the top.

From this situation it is necessary to draw a conclusion. Do not try to search for darknet market links in social networks, otherwise you may lose funds from your account. In order to find the current link of a particular market, it is better to turn to a proven darknet site.

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