DGSI employee accused of selling fake IDs

DGSI officer charged with selling fake ID cards

According to prosecutors, a counterterrorism agent in France’s internal intelligence service may soon face trial on charges of selling sensitive data and fake IDs in hidden corners of the Internet.

Last week, investigators completed an investigation into the alleged sale of Haurus, codenamed DGSI employee, who is now 33 years old, who was arrested in September 2018.

His partner and four of his clients, including a private investigator, were also charged with the investigation.

Investigators became suspicious after the French agency OCRIEST, accused of suppressing illegal immigration, noticed offers of unusually detailed personal information and copies of “golden” official documents in the so-called dark network, which offers users complete anonymity.

Haurus charges between 100 and 300 euros or more for fake IDs, driver’s licenses or birth certificates, as well as bank documents, phone records or GPS coordinates to track specific individuals.

“You provide an identification number / registration number for copying or your own requests, and I will find what you need,” says one Haurus post on the Blackhand v2 forum, which contains details of the investigation.

Haurus even advertised a French driver’s starter pack, ID card and six blank checks for 500 euros instead of 680 euros.

An anonymous council warned investigators of a request to the Guru, who eventually identified him as a DGSI agent.

The investigation showed that 90 percent of the agent’s internal information requests had nothing to do with his work, and that he and his partners enjoyed social life while staying in luxury hotels during their many vacations.

An even more worrisome newspaper, Le Parisien, reported that a former thief imprisoned on drugs charges bought tracking data from three people from Haurus, two of whom were subsequently killed, and the third survived an attempt on his life.

Haurus spent five months in prison before being released under judicial supervision.

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