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Dark market

Dark Market does not strive to become the most popular market in darknet, its main task is to provide its users with the most reliable and secure transactions.

The last 3 years in the darknet markets sphere there has been an influx of fraudulent markets. Sham markets have been operating honestly for a long time, and when there are a large number of users, such markets leave with the money of their customers. Dark Market onion volunteered to fight this scourge.

Below is a list of current Dark Market urls:


Attention! Dark Market is located on the “onion” network. For using these links you need to install Tor browser.

Market report

Dark Market site is a young market, but despite this it has great ambitions. The plans of the market’s creators are to make the most reliable trading system in darknet at the moment. The administration practically does not invest in advertising its brand, they are sure that a good market does not need advertising.

Dark market

One of the advantages of Dark Market urls is that much attention is paid to communication with customers. In many markets, support either does not answer customer questions at all, or does so with long delays. Being on the Dark Market link you can count on a quick solution to issues related to the market, moderators are always online and waiting for applications from users.

Product list

Market showcase includes:

Dark Market Product

Digital Goods (2000+), Drugs (15000+), Server (800+) Security & Hosting (80+), Miscellaneous (100+), Jewellery (20+), Identification (200+), Guides & Totorials (900+), Fraud (2000+), Counterfeit (130+), Software & Malware (200+), Carded Item (500+).


The market opened recently, so has not yet managed to collect a large number of users on its site. But if you are looking for a stable working market, and having a full support for you is necessarily, then we recommend Dark Market for purchases!

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  1. at this rate it appears Dark Markets are a thing of the past, as all is currently ripping customers over right and left all over the dark web.


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