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Cannazon Market is a site entirely dedicated to the marijuana, respectively, there is nothing other than cannabis derivatives in contrast to other markets (such as the Empire market) you will not find here.

The market was opened in 2018. The Cannazon Market site has become the first of its kind resource to discuss cannabis so widely. Due to the fact that marijuana is the most popular and recognizable drug in the world, the influx of a large number of users was not long in coming!

Below is a list of current Cannazon Market urls:


Attention! Cannazon Market is located on the “onion” network. For using these links you need to install Tor browser.

Market report

If you are a big fan of cannabis and want to try using it in an unusual way, then the Cannazon Market is what you were looking for. Because of the fact that the market trades exclusively in marijuana, sellers are trying to somehow stand out against the general background. They offer exclusive products that are not found in other markets.

Another plus of the fact that the Cannazon Market onion does not sell anything other than cannabis is that competing markets do not pay attention to Cannazon. This affects the fact that competitors do not try to impede the work of the DDoS market with attacks. Due to this, the Cannazon website is stable and does not experience overloads.

Product list

As known, the showcase with the goods at the Cannazon Market onion is limited only to cannabis, but this does not mean that the market has a small selection of goods. Due to the fact that Cannazon has driven itself into a narrow framework, here you can find an exclusive product that you cannot to see in another market.

Market showcase includes:

Weed (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Other), Concentrates (Shatter & Wax, Resin & Rosin, Oil, Vape Pens & Cartridges, E-Liquid, Other), Edibles (Bakery, Chocolate, Sweets, Capsules, Other), Seeds (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Other), Other (Pre-Rolls, Papers & Co., Other), Hash.

Before you buy anything, look at the seller’s reviews you want to make a purchase from. If the seller has 90% positive feedback, then you can safely make an order.


Market is, of course, concerned about providing its users with maximum security, as the government is constantly trying to reveal the identities of market participants in order to hold them accountable.

In order to prevent this from happening, the PGP encryption system works on the market, which does not allow unauthorized people to read your messages, even if they intercept traffic.


In order to protect users from theft of funds, Cannazon removed the ability to store cryptocurrency on your account. Thus, attackers lose the meaning of hacking accounts.

In general, a standard protection scheme has been implemented on the market, which includes a “PGP key” + “2-FA”. This is quite enough to protect yourself from data leakage.

Cannazon Market

As a protection against phishing, the market uses a simple but very effective method. Before each purchase, the user will have to enter one of the digits of the domain where they are currently located (As shown in the picture).


The creators of Cannazon did their best to bring together the best sellers of marijuana in one place, and this paid off. The storefront of the market can be called the first in the world online Coffeeshops, where every cannabis lover will find a product to taste!

In general, if you are a lover of cannabis and are looking for profitable suppliers, then you will not find a better place for this. The market has never been seen in deception, which means it is recommended for acquaintance and shopping on it!

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  1. guys, im thinking of trying this market as a back-up to Empire, can i have some honest opnions of this market.

  2. Hey Leute. Mal eine Warnung an alle ehemaligen Käufer:
    Der Vendor ExpressDoctor, vorallem auf DreamMarket unterwegs, wurde im Januar 2019 verhaftet und sitzt seitdem im Knast. Er hatte eine Liste über alle Bestellungen inklusive der Namen und Adressen unverschlüsselt auf seinem PC gespeichert.


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