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Bitbazaar Market is one of the new generation markets. The main feature of Bitbazaar is that the administration of this market provides full support to its users.

Yes, other markets also have support, but the answer from them in the best case, you will wait in a couple of days. Bitbazaar market onion believes that new users need help to become familiar with the market.

Below is a list of current Empire Market urls:


Attention! Bitbazaar Market is located on the “onion” network. For using these links you need to install Tor browser.

Market report

The Bitbazaar Market has a well-designed and intuitive website interface, so inexperienced users do not experience problems in market development. The market has a large selection of cryptocurrencies in which you can pay for goods (BTC, BHC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH). Thus, you can use the cryptocurrency that you consider the most secure.

This market uses the latest protection against ddos ​​attacks in order to provide stable access and minimize the loss of time searching for working links.

Each Bitbazaar site user can receive quality support from market employees. If you have a question related to the use of the site, then you can create an appropriate ticket and get a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Product list

Bitbazaar does not have a large number of sellers on its site yet, but the market is actively developing and replenishing with an increasing number of goods.

Market showcase includes:

Cannabis (Weed, Hash, Edibles, Concentrates, Seeds, Others), Stimulants (Cocaine, Speed, Meth, Ecstasy, MDMA, Methylone, Pills), Opioids (Oxycodon, Heroin, Opium, Methadone, Others), Benzos (Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Others), Dissociatives (Ketamine, MXE, GHB, Others), Psychedelic (2C, DMT, LSD, NB, Mushrooms, Others), Prescription (Relaxants, Analgesics, Steroids, Others), Digital (CC/CVV, PayPal, Banks, Drops, Accounts, eBooks, Services, Dumps, Scams, Bulk, Fraud Software, Game Keys, Legit Software, Personal Info & Scans, Other), Physical (Carded Items, Counterfeits), Software & Malware (Botnets & Malware, Exploits, Exploit Kits, Security Software)

We do not recommend keeping a large amount of funds on your account balance, as you can become a victim of hacking, after which you will lose your money. To store fixed capital, use third-party wallets or, at least, exchange wallets.


Rules for safe work with Bitbazaar Market online:

  • Use VPN services (this way you will additionally protect your pastime on the site by encrypting the transmitted traffic)
  • Do not disclose your personal data in correspondence with other market participants or sellers (your name, location, credit card numbers, passport photo, phone numbers and much more that may reveal your identity on the Internet)
  • Encrypt all your PGP correspondence with a key. Thus, only a person with a decryption key can read your message.


The market is growing rapidly and gaining more and more fans, and this suggests that the Bitbazaar has every chance of becoming the leading Darknet markets. If you no longer have confidence in large markets and are looking for an alternative, then we recommend Bitbazaar!

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  1. I just Used this market for the first time. Easy enrollment with secure and fast deposit. They have a decent amount of vendors with just about everything you need. It’s my new favorite market place!!!

  2. is this market still legit or is it an exit scam? I want to make an order, but there is a fear that I will be deceived


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