Australian Couple Jailed For Drug Trafficking Through Dark Web Markets

Australian Couple Jailed For ‘High-Level’ Drug Trafficking Via Dark Web Markets

A Gold Coast couple who funded a lavish lifestyle peddling MDMA and cannabis on the dark web was jailed for pleading guilty to the drug trade.

In 2017, the couple was included in Australia’s most wanted criminals list.

Jonathon Gray, who was the main criminal, was sentenced to nine years in prison for what Supreme Court Justice James Douglas called one of the worst examples of high-level trafficking he faced.

Gray’s wife, Kathleen Ann, received a six-year prison term for her supporting role.

The Brisbane court heard how the couple had been selling drugs for a year until September 2016, and that it was a difficult commercial business, and Mr. Gray’s profile on the online black market revealing more than 600 completed orders, the amount of which exceeded $ 400000.

The software was also used to mix cryptocurrency transactions and encrypt conversations.

The overall turnover was not known, but Judge Douglas concluded that he would be very significant.

The court heard that the couple’s family house was used as an office for the business, while the second house worked as a grow house.

When the police raided the property, they found cannabis plants valued at more than 200000$ and cost about 20000$ of equipment.

The court heard Jonathon Gray also receive drugs from Netherlands through the post.

Employees also seized computers, a mobile phone and workbooks, which contained address data and tracking numbers of mailbags.

Judge Douglas said these documents reflect previous gray business experience.

Over 300k $ forfeited

The court heard that he was running a business, but his wife was fully aware of the operation and received significant financial benefits from it.

Judge Douglas said that Kathleen Gray only received her husband’s help when asked, but never visited a farmhouse or ordered drugs from abroad.

The court heard that the Grays had Porsche and BMW.

More than 300000$ was lost after the Crime and Corruption Commission launched a criminal prosecution against this couple.

Kathleen Gray’s lawyer Lars Falcongreen said that after this lawsuit, his client’s level of concern went through the roof, and she left for South Australia to join her husband there.

The court heard that the couple had two daughters, and that separating them and each other in prison was a difficult affair.

Unusual circumstances that both the mother and father were imprisoned, Falkongrin said.

Jonathon Gray’s advocate, Colin Reed, said his client, who had previously had a significant cocaine addiction, is now afflicted.

The couple pleaded guilty to several crimes, including drug trafficking and production.

Jonathon Gray will be eligible for parole after August 2021.

Due to the hours already worked, Kathleen Gray will be eligible for parole in November.

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